Meet The Team

We're passionate about PPC performance
and building great software

Johnathan Dane


Johnathan is a digital marketing guru, having successfully built two world-class agencies from the ground up. You can find him on his podcast, on YouTube, or speaking at conferences on the subject.

Never satisfied with the status quo, he is turning his experiences and best practice into a software product to share with marketers around the world. His passion drives the Kite product.

Also, we’re pretty sure he cheats at ping pong.

Chris Fitkin


Chris brings two decades of development experience to the team and a passion for creating great software. He has also spent time in agency trenches and bridges the divide between PPC strategy and API wizardry.

In his spare time he eats vegetables and runs marathons. And no Chris, vegan donuts do not count as a health food.

Jason Smith

Lead UX Designer

Mason-worker turned UX designer, Jason is on loan from her royal majesty the Queen all the way from Canvey Island, Essex.

He works hard to be the stylish one of the group with a wardrobe full of denim and cat t-shirts. He could work harder.

Rasmus Wølk

Software Engineer

Hailing from the great land of Denmark, Rasmus brings Kite to the users eyes with his amazing ability to code UI spec for spec. His background in restoring mopeds has the rest of the team intrigued as they all wish they could get their very own custom build whips. Alas, Rasmus is far too busy bringing our designs to life. We tried.

Even though he lives in Copenhagen he longs to come to sunny California to work alongside us all, where the fun really happens. We too wish this so we could all learn curse words in Danish, we promise that’s not the only reason we want you here with us!

Michael Dunsterville

Software Engineer

If there’s a person you’d want to have on your gameshow team, it’s Michael.  He makes sure that we start every day flexing our brains with a trivia test. I’m pretty confident that no one on our team is headed for Jeopardy this year.

For a guy that knows too many useless and random facts, Michael takes the cake.

But he also takes the ice cream. Because as a child, he used to rob the freezer and hide behind the door, hoping no one would catch him.

Kevin Clark

Senior Software Engineer

To say Kevin is a “jack of all trades” would be an understatement. He not only mastered Management Information systems at Florida State University, he also studied computer science and has over 10 years experience developing web applications.    

He may seem like the quieter, more observant individual on the team, but that may be due to his background in the Secret Service and FBI. We may never know what Kevin does after he leaves work. He says he races cars, plays guitar, and makes unique cocktails. The question we’re all asking is if he’s doing these activities solo or with the President of the United States…

Kristina Klimenova

Customer Success

Kristina adds to our collection of foreign nationals on the Kite team, joining us from the cold fatherland of Russia. Thankfully she doesn’t keep pushing vodka shots on us and instead promotes a healthy balance of water, mindfulness and essential oils.

As our biggest customer advocate, she is in a unique position translating between Kite users and the engineers.  We thank her for communicating with the engineers so the rest of us don’t have to 😉

We’ve also noticed an unusual interest in Kevin’s experience working with the FBI and state secrets. Coupled with her Russian background we can only assume what KGB ties she is hiding from us. We might just need to start our own private eye division.

Dalton Buckingham

Software Engineer

Cold Brew fueled, skateboard loving, code junky who powers through the day longing for his lazy Fridays. On occasion Dalton skips town on us to visit his spiritual brethren in Oregon where his long hair, mustache, and coffee soaked backpack fit right in. The rest of the team has to watch with jealousy as he conferences in to our meetings joined by the treeline, bird houses, and squirrels (yes, seriously, squirrels) of his outdoor office space.

Dalton also has a love for design and often lends a hand to the design team when needed. Though he might take 3 hours more than necessary on a 10 minute design task, he still tries and that’s what counts, right?