Meet The Team

We are passionate about PPC performance and building great software

Johnathan Dane

CEO / Founder

Johnathan is a digital marketing guru, having successfully built two world-class agencies from the ground up. You can find him on his podcast, on YouTube, or speaking at conferences on the subject.

Never satisfied with the status quo, he is turning his experiences and best practice into a software product to share with marketers around the world. His passion drives the Kite product.

Also, we’re pretty sure he cheats at ping pong.

Chris Fitkin

CTO / Co-Founder

Chris brings two decades of development experience to the team and a passion for creating great software. He has also spent time in agency trenches and bridges the divide between PPC strategy and API wizardry.

In his spare time he eats vegetables and runs marathons. And no Chris, vegan donuts do not count as a health food.

Jason Smith

Lead UX Designer

Mason-worker turned UX designer, Jason is on loan from her royal majesty the Queen all the way from Canvey Island, Essex.

He works hard to be the stylish one of the group with a wardrobe full of denim and cat t-shirts. He could work harder.

Daniel Park

Senior Software Engineer

Daniel rounds out the technology and product development team. He is the resident expert in distributed design, scalable architecture, and troubleshooting bugs caused by Chris’ typos.

He got into software engineering after paying for school with poker winnings. We had to ban gambling at company events after he took all of Johnathan’s money one time in a game of heads-up hold ‘em.