Core Features

Set Goals at the Campaign or Account level, Kite Will Take Care of The Rest

Core Features

  • Live

    Goal Based Insights

    You tell Kite your campaign goals and it will give you a prioritized list of recommendations to achieve those goals.

  • Coming soon

    Win/Loss Tracking

    Find out what’s working and what isn’t. Kite will track changes to determine when they impact your account performance.

  • Coming soon

    Full Autopilot

    Let Kite do the work for you. With Machine learning we can automatically implement recommendations and update you with the results.

Get Recommendations Based Off 30+ Insights & Counting

  • Quality Score Improvements

  • RLSA Usage

  • Location Targeting Anomalities

  • Keyword/Ad Group Discrepancy

  • Broad Match Keyword Alerts

  • Change History Alerts

  • Keyword CPA Variance

  • PPC Temperture Warnings

  • Day of Week CPA Variance

  • General Anomalies

  • Attribution Significance

  • Bid Blanket Issues

  • Bid Adjustment Recommender

  • Display Ad Opportunities

  • Match Type Errors

  • Impression Share/CPA Opportunities

  • Ad Character Counts

  • Remarketing Campaigns

  • Automatic Placement CPA Alerts

  • Ad Count Issues

  • Smart Budget Limit Tactics

  • Empty Shell Alerts

  • Conversion Tracking Errors

  • Negative Keyword List Aparts

  • Keyword Impression Hoarding

  • Negative Keyword Alerts

  • Product ROAS Variance

  • Time of Day CPA Variance

  • Confidence Level Ad Testing

  • Geography CPA Variance

+ even more being added