January 13, 2020

Insight Spotlight #2: Keyword Cost / Conv. Goal

By Chris Fitkin | CTO/Co-Founder

Are you spending too much money on some of your keywords? How often do you review each keyword in your campaigns to find outliers and opportunities for improvement?

These are questions that your Kite report will answer, specifically with the Keyword Cost / Conv. Goal insight.

What Is Keyword Cost / Conversion?

Keyword cost / conv. is an important PPC performance metric and happens to be one of the highest impact insights in your Kite report. It measures how much you spend on average, per conversion for specific keywords in your campaign.

When you set a custom account or campaign goal in Kite, this insight will use your goal to identify keywords that aren’t performing up to those standards. If you don’t have a custom goal defined, Kite will calculate a goal for you automatically based on previous account performance and find keywords that stand out against your account history.

Even if you think you’ve reached that good place with keyword cost / conv., there are probably still a few keywords that have room for improvement. Or maybe they changed since the last time you audited your keyword performance. As part of our “insight spotlight” series, let’s break down keyword bidding in your report, discover the keywords that are working against your ROI, and apply Kite recommendations that will focus your budget on keywords that provide the best results.

Why Is Keyword Cost / Conversion Important?

This insight reviews your keyword bid performance and identifies keywords that don’t align with your campaign goals. These underperforming keywords are siphoning budget away from better performing keywords where your money could better be spent.

When Kite identifies underperforming keywords it will recommend lowering certain keyword bids, or moving keywords to new campaigns with its own budget for finer control over your account.

By applying these recommendations, you can:

  • Quickly drill down to impactful keywords that at the campaign and ad group level
  • Identify keyword bids that are significantly above your goals or account averages
  • Invest in the right keywords that are generating more conversions at a lower cost
  • Increase overall account conversions and performance without increasing your budget

Show me an example

In the image above, the keyword bid for “cleaning service nyc” is costing $409.41 with no conversions. It will show up in your recommendations because $409.41 is higher than your custom goal or significantly above your historical account performance. Kite allows for a learning period for new keywords so that you don’t address keywords too early and flags them when it’s time so that underperforming keywords don’t run too long unchecked. In this specific instance, Kite recommends decreasing the bid for this keyword and investing instead towards other keywords that are proving to generate conversions.

Driving higher conversions without increasing your ad spend is Kite’s ultimate purpose.  And having better performing keywords in your digital campaigns is a key component to making that happen. Which keyword bids are holding you back from maximizing your ROI and reaching your goal?

Check out the Keyword Cost / Conv. insight in your Kite report
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Chris brings two decades of development experience to the team and a passion for creating great software. He has also spent time in agency trenches and bridges the divide between PPC strategy and API wizardry.

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