October 29, 2019

Insight Spotlight #1: Ad Group Ad Testing

By Chris Fitkin | CTO/Co-Founder

Whether you’re familiar with Kite’s industry-tested insights or you’re curious to learn more, you’ve come to the right place! This is the first lesson in a series of guided posts that will teach you everything you need to know about the 30+ insights in your Kite Report and how they work for your business.

To kick off this series we’re taking a deep dive into the ‘Ad Group Ad Testing’ insight and how you can use it to manage your testing process to avoid burnout and ad fatigue… Let’s go!

What Is Ad Group Ad Testing

The ‘Ad Group Ad Testing’ insight answers the question: “Are you running A/B split tests for all of your ads?” It ensures you’re continuously testing multiple ads in your search, display, and video campaigns.

Are you running A/B split test for all your ads?

This will allow you to target your market more effectively by identifying ads that perform better than others.

After running a report, Kite gives you a list of ad groups that can be improved by creating more ads.

Why Ad Group Ad Testing Is Important

Testing ads against each other is a foundational part of improving your account performance over time. Effective ad testing lets you continually replace lower performing ads with ads that increase conversions and revenue, without increasing your budget.

By applying these recommendations, you can:

  • Create and test new ad variants
  • Eliminate uncertainty about your existing ads
  • Eliminate underperforming ads
  • Identifying your best performing ads
  • Increase traffic, conversions, and revenue without increasing your budget

Improving Your Score

When you get your Kite Report, you’ll also get an insight score specifically for your Ad Group Ad Testing. If you’re running A/B split testing in all of your campaigns and ad groups, you’ll score a perfect 10 out of 10. If not, it’s easy to improve.

Use the list of ad groups in the ‘Recommendations’ tab and create more ads. Next time you run your Kite Report, you’ll see your score climb and your account performance should soon follow.

Check out the Ad Group Ad Testing insight in your report
for your score and recommendations

What’s Next

There you have it, the ins-and-outs of Ad Group Ad Testing. You know what it is and how it will improve your digital ad campaign performance. And, just as important, you know how to take action to improve the Ad Group Ad Testing inside your account.

If you want to learn more about how to make good tests for your ads, we recommend reading The Scientific Guide To Ad Testing by our friends over at KlientBoost.

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