April 03, 2019

Early Access Launches for Kite Software

By Chris Fitkin | CTO/Co-Founder

Kite’s team of designers and developers has been hard at work for months creating our new software.  

In all, the estimated cost to keep the team running at peak performance was 500 gallons of kombucha, 300 servings of avocado toast, and 120 UberEats receipts from the local artisanal taco shop.  

The paleo vs. vegan taco debate was real.

Now that our software is up and running we’ve had our partners at KlientBoost battle-test it for us.

With them, we’ve tweaked and tested our algorithms to provide accurate and actionable insights that contribute to increased Google Ads campaign performance and overall improved ROI for their clients.  Everyone’s hard work has paid off.


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Starting today, we are accepting a limited number of customers into the Early Access program for Kite.  

Are you ready to learn about The Iceberg Effect, Ad Testing Tempo, Broad Match Death and dozens of additional insights?  In seconds, you can see how your campaigns stack up to these insights and best practices.  

In Kite, you’ll be able to view multiple reports on all the different campaigns you’re overlooking. And our optimization software is called that for a reason — it doesn’t stop at simply reporting on how your campaigns are performing.

See that Kite Score in the yellow column? That’s where things get fun…

Starting with Reports and diving deeper into insights, Kite will automate your PPC account optimization by showing you where your accounts can use some work.

Just look at all those different Insights — 26 different change opportunities!

And Kite doesn’t stop there.

With every insight, you will receive simple and actionable recommendations for changes that you can make in your account today.  

Kite recognizes the Iceberg effect AND knows how to fix it…fast!

Every one of these recommendations is designed to reduce your Cost per Conversions (CPC) and increase total Conversions without spending more of your budget on clicks and ads.  

Get Started With Your 14 Day Zero-Risk Free Trial

We truly want to help you succeed and become a better marketer for your brand.  To prove this we’re offering a 14 day, zero-risk, free trial you can cancel anytime before being charged.

If you’re ready, sign up with your email below.  One of our team members will follow up personally with instructions on how to connect your account and join our Early Access program.  

We’re standing by and ready to help you achieve your highest PPC goals.  

Got any questions?  
Drop us a line at hello@meetkite.com and we’ll help you get started!

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Chris Fitkin


Chris brings two decades of development experience to the team and a passion for creating great software. He has also spent time in agency trenches and bridges the divide between PPC strategy and API wizardry.

In his spare time he eats vegetables and runs marathons. And no Chris, vegan donuts do not count as a health food.